Alla Borisovna Lipnizky is an artist and a poet. She was bornA in 1949, in Ukraine. In 1970 she graduated from Sumy Teacher Institute, Philological Department. She worked as a teacher at school, a lecturer at the Institute, and a research assistant at Sumy Museum of Arts. Since 1995 she lives in Israel.

She is an author of collections of poems.

She started painting in 1991 (after her son’s and mother’s death). A.Lipnitzky’s works are in private collections in various countries, as well as in Sumy Art Museum.

Collections of poems published in Ukraine: “We Are Only Wanderers” (1991), “The White Lilac” (1993). Alla’s poems are also included in several books, where she was a co-author. The book of poems and paintings “If Clouds Were Immortal” is ready for publishing.

She participated in a number of group projects:

1994 – Kiev art fair (exhibition, catalogue)

1993 – 1994 – “Aistra”, gallery of modern handicraft (exhibition in Sumy Art Museum, catalogue)

2005 – 2007 International Charity Fund “Unity’s” and art-gallery “Tadzio’s” project (exhibitions, catalogues, Kiev, Chernigov) etc.

2008 – The exhibition of the Sumy artists in Kharkov (Feldman’s Charity Fund).

Personal exhibitions:

1991 – Kiev Restoration Center’s showroom

1994 – Kiev Actor’s House

1997 – “Yad Lebanim” showroom, Israel

2003 – Holocaust Museum gallery in Bat-Yam; “Faina” gallery (A. Lipnizky’s and Moscow painter Tatiana Selvinskaya’s exhibition)

2004-2005 – “Coppa d’Arte” gallery, Tel-Aviv

2007 – “NRVision” company, Azrieli center, Tel-Aviv.

2008-2009 – Co-project of Olga Pona and Alla Lipnizky in Chelyabinsk Modern Dance theatre: show “Chances” (choreography, painting).

Articles about Alla Lipnitzky’s painting and poetry:

– V. Tzitovich, “Publicans of the World”, 1993

– Three Gregory Ostrovsky’s articles in Israeli newspaper “Vesti”, 1997 – 2003

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